The monkey tree phenomenon arose from the discovery of a callus on a tree in Singapore which appears monkey-like. Some believe the image to be of divine origin, while others have attributed the phenomenon to the effects of pareidolia.  Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus, usually an image or a sound, by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists.

In his notebooks, Leonardo da Vinci wrote of pareidolia as a device for painters, writing, "If you look at any walls spotted with various stains or with a mixture of different kinds of stones, if you are about to invent some scene you will be able to see in it a resemblance to various different landscapes, strange expressions of faces, and an infinite number of things which you can then reduce into separate and well-conceived forms."

Aeon Gallery
presents its newest exhibition, “Monkey Tree, Creatures from the Shadows” Challenging the artist to bring the shadows to life.  The concept is open to interpretation, using the medium of your choice, to explore the play between positive and negative space. For example, using inkblots or naturally occurring patterns to create imaginative works, exploring the subconscious mind of the artist.

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Featured Artists

Ana Juan
Ana Juan (Valencia 1961) studied Fine Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts between 1977 and 1981.
In 1982, She moved to Madrid where he became known in publications like Madriz and La Luna and collaborations with the newspaper El Pais and El Mundo. Since then, she has worked internationally illustrating book covers, posters and advertising campaigns for Renfe and American Airlines.
Highlights include her work for The New Yorker magazine, and has contributed more than 20 covers, including Solidaritée, held on the occasion of the attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine in January 2015.
Her illustrations have received numerous honors and gold medals from the Society of Illustrators NY.
She is the author of children's books, such as Frida and The Night Eater which received Jacks Ezra Keats, 2004 (USA) award and books like Snowhite, Demeter.  Ana Juan is also the illustrator of the saga by Cat Valente, Fairyland.
In 2011, She was awarded the National Illustration Award granted by the Ministry of Culture of Spain and in 2012 received the Medal of San Carlos bestowed by the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia.
Ana Juan, has exhibited in Spain and in New York, Mexico and Tokyo. Her last exhibition “Ana Juan . dibujando al otro lado” , an interactive exhibition, in the ABC Museum in Madrid.

She is currently still illustrating, painting and telling stories through pictures.
Andy Sciazko
Andy Sciazko is a San Francisco-based illustrator with a focus on the horror genre. Born in Illinois, he became transfixed with the creepy and supernatural at a young age, inspired by films, music, comics, and novels.  While pursuing a degree in illustration in SF, he began to showcase his work at a number of local venues, such as Live Worms and the Academy of Sciences.  Since then, he is best known for illustrating Nightmare Soup and Nightmare Society, spiritual successors to 80's and 90's classics Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and Goosebumps.  His work dwells somewhere between the comical and macabre, grasping firmly at the strings of an unfinished terrible dream.

  1. "Elder" SOLD
  2. "Elder Sketch" SOLD
Bahrull Marta
Bahrull Marta (1989, Jakarta) is a self taught artist. He started the art journey with drawing, painting and photography as a hobby when he was in college, which has no relation with his formal education. His first published work was a retouch photograph for death metal band Funeral Inception - H.A.T.E album records in 2008, at the same time he’s being recognized by another artist from Singapore who interested to collaborate in selling artwork for metal bands and labels. Since then he developed his own exploration of various medium and techniques through the years from painting to digital photo manipulation. His personal works tend to describe abstracts and dark nuances with mixed mediums. He is also known as Abomination Imagery for his work in heavy metal music as album cover artist. His artwork has been published in album cover for metal bands, art books and magazines.
Bianca Olson
"It is the function of art to renew our perception. What we are familiar with we cease to see." – Anaïs Nin
Living in a world that is filled with outward yearning & technology, I feel my work serves as a reminder of a more quiet time & a more connected way of life. A true oneness with self & nature. My pieces are a narrative for a world that is based upon a symbiotic relationship with nature & a true oneness with self. I feel that my work serves to draw the audience into this now unfamiliar world & therefore helps to renew the perception of what art is & what we value in day to day life. My pieces are frozen moments in another time. Depending upon the emotional content of the piece, I either mount my drawings above or below an altered or assemblage frame. I do this to create different view points - confrontational or voyeuristic images. Above, the figures are standing strong, often in a trance; while below, I try to create a more intimate feeling for the viewer. As if peering through a portal, allowing a  window into my world.
My work is done primarily in ink, although I am often asked if it is a painting. Often times when we view something that is familiar we don’t delve as deeply into it, not having the urge to ask questions & further explore. I like to renew perceptions of art & find this to be intriguing for my audience. The use of natural elements such as stones & bones & herbs are ways to convey the meaning of the piece in a more subtle fashion. I feel these accents help to create an overall feeling that draws the viewer deeper into my world. The use of bones is to honor the animal’s spirit, allowing it to live on. The stones & herbs serve as protections. Tiny acrylic dots surround the figures, my sealing spell, another form of protection as my figures are often fully nude or partially nude.
My figures are both strong & fragile at the same time. I like to explore this dichotomy. I have always found stark contrasts, much like the primarily monochromatic palette I use, to be intriguing. I find that by presenting the viewer with these stark & powerful images, it allows the viewer to fill in all the shades of gray for themselves. Noticing the subtle details keeps the viewer engaged & allows the story to unfold on a personal level. I have often been told my work has a strong emotional impact & conveys a sense of healing. I explore the themes of transformation in my work. Horns adorn heads as outward representations of the emotional quality of that being. Crowns of raven skulls & various flowers serve as symbols representing hierarchy within their society. Black silhouettes haunt vintage frames, reminders of a past yet known. Within this world I explore these beliefs of nature & self to which I hope our society will return.
Bill Bishop
Bill Bishop is a graduate of Milton College with a Degree in Illustration and Design. With over 40 years of working as an artist in the corporate, and manufacturing industries, Bill ,has original works, of his paintings, and drawings displayed in homes, and businesses throughout many of the mainland 48 states. Works of wildlife, sports, and fantasy renderings , are represented in Acrylics, Oils, Graphite, and colored pencil. His style has been described as  a combination of abstraction and realism.
More of his works can be viewed at his website
BLE is an artist of dark themed drawings and paintings based in Athens. In the “Ornerakis School of applied Arts” in the 2006-2009 time period, he studied drawing and animation with a scholarship, and was awarded with a monetary amount for art participations and distinguished for his illustrations at Benaki Museum. The first signs of his own internal world composed of some strange figures were revealed during this time. Ever since he’s been sinking into charcoal drawing and oil medium painting, mostly creating hateful and disgusting faces, devilish people, animals and creatures. His Artwork is known for the rich collection of deadly portraits and distorted figures usually covered by arteries. How he’s dealing so deep with death is also related to the early loss of his loving father and his art influences like H.R. Giger, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Eric Lacombe, and Alberto Giacometti which are indicatively his favorite artists. His inexhaustible imagination and daily sketching of course, are mainly guides. He has in assets two solo exhibitions in Athens and one group exhibition so far.
Born and raised in Beloiannisz a small village in Hungary, his father was a train maintenance man and his mother a housewife. At the age of six they were relocated to Greece on law of repatriation of Greek political refugees. Alongside, BLE is a graduate electrician and has worked on technical support at the Greek communications organization since 2006 to present. He has also worked as a cameraman for Greek TV shows, as an animator for short film festivals and advertisements, as a book cover illustrator and as an inventor of household devices. He is a husband, a companion, a fellow worker, a dog owner and a cyclist.
Brian Serway
Brian Serway is a graphite and watercolor illustrator based in Abingdon, Virginia.  His technique involves sketching out environments in water-soluble graphite and watercolor pencil and intricately overlaying in water with a fine brush.  Brian’s work obsesses over the spiritual and surreal elements of the natural world and its primordial connection to the universe.  Creating cosmic realms through biological life, he invites the viewer to see nature in new ways that are both empirical and ethereal.
Casey King
My illustrations for Monkey Tree are exercises in balance, geometry, and a return to the realm of imagination that inspired me to make art in the first place. I credit the main catalyst, which ignited my pursuit to create, towards the holiday and world that is Halloween. As a young boy, an interest in Halloween was instilled into me by my father, which later developed into a great passion to be shared by us both. I found Halloween to be a beacon for creativity, storytelling, and self-expression. It gave me a reason to imagine.

I reside in Northwest, Indiana and am currently pursuing my BFA in Fine Arts at Indiana University Northwest. Visiting Aeon gallery has been an experience like no other and I am truly fortunate for the opportunity to show my work in The Monkey Tree Exhibition.
Chad Pollpeter
      Chad Pollpeter was born and raised in the mid-west. He attended school at Florida State University, from which he graduated in 1994 with a degree in Art Education. After earning his degree, he moved to Virginia where he continued painting and began teaching art.  In the summer of 2000, Pollpeter relocated to Central Florida, where he currently teaches traditional art classes at Full Sail University. He continues to exhibit his work and has collectors throughout the country and abroad. 
      Pollpeter paints intuitively, in doing so the meaning of the painting develops with the painting itself.  His paintings tend to be about emotion. Not the outer influences that trigger our emotions, but rather the result of such triggers.  One of the main underlying concepts in his paintings is that one thing effects everything else.  Everything is cyclical and revolving. Nothing is isolated. Everything revolves and involves everything else. Much of his work depicts organic and natural type forms that surround and envelop the faces and figures in the paintings.  This is to illustrate how we are tied to and grow from our environment.  There is a rhythm to life, but this rhythm is easily disrupted. This is reflective of how, no matter how much we try to control our environment, our lives, our world, that we can really only react, adjust and continue to move forward.

You can view the works of Chad Pollpeter at
Christina Tzani
The deviation by certain initial course of drawing action and the traumatic deviation of characteristics of fundamental form often arise from the seduction of the material. According to Jean Baudrillard, the fascination is equivalent to the abolition of the representation, the distance between the reality of the image. The ink as a pretext, bridges the unpredictable fate of the distance between reality and an abandoned uncertain conditions where the effect operates as a challenge. The fascination is always fascination of evil and attends to destroy the order. The material is denatured and the coincidence with the conscious retains its form in space, which is unbundled from the naturalistic conception of representational art. The redness of the figures hands reveals forcefully the sensitivity of the young protagonists and demystifies the management of the visual representation in connection to the viewer’s interpretation. The project is located on the border between the unexpected and the predictable.
Gabriel Karagianis
I began drawing when I was a kid as a both a means of escape and because I was told I was good at it. I received a BFA from the American Academy of Art with a Multimedia major. Shortly after graduation, I took a painting studio space in Harvard, IL in a building now known as Starline Studios and Gallery, which I played an early role in developing. I sell my original as well as commissioned work. Starline still serves as my home base though over the years I have embarked on multiple art tours and residencies. My most recent work is in illustration. Along with a series of commissioned illustrations, I am currently working on up to 40 pieces depicting Cervantes' "Don Quixote de la Mancha", which I intend to complete by fall of 2019.

Jackson Emmons

Josh Stebbins
Josh Stebbins, born on August 31, 1982, living in Enid Oklahoma is a self taught artist who creates drawings/illustrations (pencil & ink), as well as watercolor, graphite, and mixed media artworks. By examining the duality of life in it's many variations, Stebbins tries to relate a sense of beauty (and even humor) in the darker aspects of what influences his work, to his audience; often leading to many different interpretations. His artwork takes macabre, religious, elegant, and even cartoon related content merging it together in various metaphors and ironic forms, leaving the viewer (hopefully), thinking as to what the puzzle is behind each piece.
Using mainly ink or graphite, each work lends itself immediately to a stark contrast that is not only black and white, but also a classical sense mixed with surrealism and pop culture.
His art often opens up a world shadows and creepy subjects, but at its core, they deliver a message to the viewer to embrace that which might be unsettling and find that without darkness there cannot be light, and without ugliness there cannot be beauty.
*Josh has been featured in various galleries such as La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Stephen Romano Gallery, Stranger Factory Gallery, Arch Enemy Gallery, Haas Brothers Gallery, Future Gallery, EL Cuervo Gallery, Dark Art Emporium Gallery, Etc.
Justell Vonk
Originally from Russia, Justell Vonk is currently a Hamburg (Germany) based artist and illustrator. She creates works with black ink on white paper exploring endless possibilities of these media. Her works are folklore and occultism inspired drawings, with a heavy influence of subconscious visions.
She is a prolific artisté. Her works gained recognition and support from all over the world. Many of them are in private collections in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, the UK, and the USA.
Her unique style is recognizable due to it's sincere, naïve, and satirical components. It represents a mixture of the 19th century atmosphere with the distinct culture of the late 20th century.
She has always gained inspiration from fantasy, gothic, and horror writers like François Rabelais, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecaft, as well as from the Russian authors like Fyodor Dostoevsky, Nikolay Gogol, and Mikhail Bulgakov. Gothic, Black Metal, and the Underground music also made certain impact on the bizarre creations of the artisté, added a scent of brutality to her artworks staring at which the viewer becomes absorbed by the dark side of the 'Alice in Wonderland' world.
Justell Vonk transforms the social aspect of life into surrealism inviting the viewer to join her in a magical trip into the world of the dark dreams. Due to her cultural background she masterfully combines the flair of Victorian England, Medieval Europe, and Slavonic paganism resulting in elegantly dark images.

Justin Kephart
Justin has been doing art since he was a very young child, able to entertain himself for hours with a single crayon.  In middle school he began to take notice of his dreams and nightmares and he began to record them in journals without knowing why he was doing so.  As Justin aged he found mythology and religion, something that could be understood as dreams and nightmares of a culture, and this interest took him into psychology, shamanism, and the occult.  His studies took him to India where he spent a year learning classical Indian music, to Vienna to study classical painting techniques, and to far reaching journeys into his own unconscious.  Now Justin is a music teacher in Denver Colorado and he has only recently began to show and share his art taking it beyond what it has been thus far; a personal exploration and a spiritual practice.
Justin’s current series of work is based on repetitive nightmares of ghosts.  For years he has had frequent dreams of terrifying ghosts who visit him at night that are so scary he often awakes with a scream and drenched in sweat.  In an effort to understand what these ghosts are trying to say to him, he has begun to paint them. 
  1. "Chops" SOLD
  2. "Kisser" SOLD
Karen Sako
Karen Sako is an award winning mixed media artist, graphic designer, and art instructor with a BFA in Visual Communications from The Illinois Institute of Art. She enthusiastically tackles life with an optimistic outlook and continually invests her time, trade secrets and findings with her students at Mainstreet Art Center in Lake Zurich, IL. Her goal is to ignite the next generation of pioneering creative visionaries and thinkers. Karen’s unique artwork hangs in private collections around the world. She is a member of the Midwest Collage Society.
Constantly conflicted between being a graphic designer or a painter, I realized I could fuse the two together and found each discipline complimenting the other. I challenge myself as an artist by melding traditional art principles with exploratory techniques and materials overtaking the unexplored foot paths of contemporary artwork. This process allows me to create a unique connection with each work of art expressing a glimpse into one of my adventures and the people I have met along the way. It is my intention to show you not only how it looked but how it felt to be there experiencing the moment. By using soulful marks and energetic colors I can direct my imagination into existence.

Konstantinos Grigoriadis
Situated in a post-apocalyptic, biomechanic and dystopian world, this practice combines characteristics of science fiction and multicultural mythological aspects. Within a surreal, dark and satirical manner, the visual language of this work describes the disastrous outcomes of the industrial and post-industrial world upon nature, culture and self-consciousness. Visually communicating the fear of the future, neo sci-fi noir and the reflections from damaged life, it generates an allegory for social reality in this conceptual time and space.
The pieces displayed at the ‘Monkey Tree’ are part of my ‘Shadows of Devolution’ paintings and ghostly studies based on the experimental use of decalcomania and inkblot. The deliberate accidents and aleatory forms create the space to explore and illustrate the connection between microcosm and macrocosm, dark and light, positive and negative space. Deformed figures, spiritual entities and complex structures situated in the black void of the Unknown.

  1. $65
  2. $65
  3. $65
Linda Jurdi
As an artist, I have decided to focus my attentions on human experience. We as humans have many experiences that shape who we are and what we stand for. With the use of metaphorical images I have conveyed different occurrences we might come across throughout our lives. The little girl represents humanity. How as humans we can be frightened and feel overwhelmed, much like a child. The clown is representative of our demons, the moments and happenings in life which we must overcome. Our demons don't always disappear, sometimes they stay with us, peering around corners and following our every move. Children are afraid of many different things, as adults are but they also hold their imaginations. I have made pieces that convey undertones of adult ideas with childlike imagination. My inspiration from this project comes from everyday life. I am fascinated with human endurance and our ability to move forward after tragedy and heartbreak strike. My wish is that the audience is comforted by my pieces, and feel that they are not alone. As the series continues to grow and flourish, I have begun to add more characters and really expand upon this project. I look forward to continuing this project and hope to eventually reach a wider audience.
  1. "Karma" $200
Lindsey Dileo
Lindsey DiLeo is an artist based out of the Chicago land area, specializing in pen and ink works as well as photography. Lindsey is currently focusing on creating works that display unusual light sources in night scenes. Lindsey earned a degree in Art Education from Northern Illinois University and is working as a High School art teacher in Cary IL. Her work is available to view at as well as instagram @lindseyeileenart
  1. "A Sheep in Wolves Clothing" $40
Lorraine Leonard
Lorraine Leonard of Chicago, IL was born on November 27th of 2000 has been in the art world since birth. Specializing in the design of tattoos she hopes to move on to becoming a tattoo artist herself. Lorraine takes inspiration from the darkness in life and the topics that are often left undiscussed. The roles of music and mental health play leading roles in the evolution of her art. She works primarily with graphite and ink but takes photographs on the side.
The piece displayed for “Monkey Tree” is inspired by the culture we live in today where people put on a mask to be someone else. Because sometimes the lie is more beautiful than the reality.

  1. "She Sleeps in Stone" SOLD
  2. "Shroud" $500
  3. "The Conjuring" SOLD
Marc Potts
Marc Potts is an illustrator and fine artist, living and working in the South-west of England, Folklore and mythology often inspire his paintings, which often stray from the natural world to the unnatural, and even occasionally dipping into the dark urban and the alien. His work is sometimes seen as an attempt to merge fantasy with spirituality, but often with a definite nod towards the macabre and the bizarre. Marc is best known previously for his more story-book illustrative work, but more recently for his darker art, portraits and figurative work.
Marc's art has appeared on a number of book and magazine covers and he has illustrated a variety of publications and been included in collective art books. Marc has also contributed art to publications like ImagineFX and produced album covers for a number of bands.

Marc has been juried into the annual IX show six times to date, and his original artwork is collected worldwide

Mike May
I have always loved making art that tends toward the dark. I went to school to learn to become a portrait artist, but was always drawing creatures and the like. I quickly bored of portraits and found work with publications like D&D, Image Comics, Heavy Metal, and a few books. I have had a 22+ year career making art for video games, but my personal art has continually been mostly detailed pencils, inks, oils, and acrylics. I am forever attracted to shadowy, foggy, imagery; the grainier the better. I would so much rather be haunted by life, art, and photography -than accosted by saturated cartooned things... though I do rather love making silly art as well. I once supported myself as a caricature artist, and that part of me remains. That being said, I work best/do my best work when I'm motivated by the tragedies of life. If I capture one thought in a piece, it is truly as important to me as nearly anything in life. Like certain smells can kick-start nostalgia, I can look at a successful piece and be brought right back to those familiar pangs, and I absolutely love it.  
I live in Southern Pennsylvania with my girlfriend and her daughter. I have a daughter, son in-law (both artists), and grandson living in Washington state.
  1. "Halo" SOLD
  2. "Misfit" SOLD
  3. "Roots" SOLD
  4. "Oracle" SOLD
  5. "Mr. Big" SOLD
Nathan Ryan
Born into an artistic environment, I have always had a knack for creativity. Starting out I used graphite almost exclusively up until my recent years where I have begun to broaden my range of mediums to create mixed media pieces. These pieces have found themselves on gallery walls, school hallways and in the homes of those who enjoy my work. I am looking forward to continuing my study of what art is and how those before me have created extraodinary works. I hope to be able to do the same in the future while still staying true to my own style.
  1. "Make A Wish" $40
Payton Walsh
Payton Walsh finds her inspiration for her art pieces through nature. She tries capturing the beauty of the natural things in life. By doing this, her art is always warm and cheery.
As a new artist, she has been trying to spread her art as much as she can. She has painted murals and ceilings for schools and draws and paints on her own time. This is her first art show and is very honored and excited to be a part of it. 
Ricky Romero
Ricky Romero is an artist and graphic designer from Davis, CA. He's been drawing as far back as he can remember. Most of his ideas and inspiration come from video games, old books, anime, watching classic movies, and cartoons. He also has twin girls who are a constant source for ideas and inspiration. Most of his work has a little bit of their personality in it!
Sophia Rapata
Sophia Rapata is a full-time artist and graduate from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Most of her days are spent in her art studio/dungeon, located in White Ripple Gallery & Co. in Hammond, Indiana. She paints using watercolor, ink & coffee to create creepy cute clowny creatures. Witches, cats, moons, and all things magical are her specialty. Her characters all come from a sacred land buried deep within the soils of her soul. Everyday one of these characters will escape, via a doll she sews, a song she sings, a video she films or a drawing she scribbles.
Her lack of interest in socializing has turned her into an ancient cat lady, so now she just paints and sells all over the globe online. On a rare occasion you will find her in costume roaming the local art festivals and fairs. You can follow her daily adventures on Instagram @sophiarapata

Szilard Juhasz
Born in Romania (1989) currently living in Budapest, Hungary.
I always liked to draw, to be creative and to be amazed by others' creations. But for many years (perhaps too many) I believed that I had to push art aside and concentrate on the "real" stuff: to be conscientious, study something fancy and get a job – all of which I accomplished.
Well… it turned out that this "reality" did not make me whole, and it certainly did not override my love for art and the urge to create.
So not too long ago I decided to answer the call and let my subconscious driven imagination guide my eyes and hands to summon the non-existent, and then push this until it feels alive, like something of its own accord.

  1. "Mad Haired Man" $150
  2. "The Somewhat Three Eyed Wizard" $150
Winn Wright
Winn Wright is a California based surrealist artist whose work explores the subconscious via a free flowing technique. Winn has a loose fluidic style coupled with a high amount of detail. His work challenges the viewer to see images by reaching into their own subconscious thoughts.
Using ink or graphite, Winn begins to draw, allowing the drawing to go where it needs to. Once an image forms, he will either take it in a focused direction or continue in an automatic flow style.

  1. "Clotting" $100
  2. "Poisoned" $75
  3. "Tug of War" $75
Zachary Wisser
Do you remember the Ren & Stimpy Cartoons and that really strange part of Winnie the Pooh with hafalumps and woozles? These, and many other surreal ideations have permanently affected my work. I often lean towards the creation of characters employed into bizarre, yet very human narratives. The characters often are plagued with imperfections and group together to find safety in numbers.
Zmiya Mochoruk
Born 1976 Chicago IL
He began painting at the age of 12. He has shown at several galleries worldwide over the years and appeared in magazines, album covers, books, news-print and online for both, fine art and horror painting as well as tattooing. Currently the owner of Aeon Gallery (Illinois) and Arkane Ink (Illinois) he divides his time betweem his businesses, painting, tattooing and family. While he seems to enjoy a classical aesthetic and figurative approach to oil painting, the main focus is always to explore the magickal or occult formulae from within the frame of the human figure and layer the underlying message in a way that can be understood by everyone, albeit differently. While enjoying limited notoriety from his small but distinguished following, the socially reclusive painter strives mainly to maintain the integrity of the message existing just beyond the canvas veil.