Ansu Airas is a multimedia artist based in Turku, Southwest Finland. She is a versatile worker in both manual and digital artwork, as well as other media, including occasional airbrush painting, engraving and even tattoo art.
Portrait-based surrealism is prominent in her works, varying from traditional to digital expression. Airas uses airbrush, pens and pencils as well as digital drawing as her main instruments.
Airas is a former pain patient; coping and living with extremities of neuralgia from a very young age.
Art became a tolerable way of handling this pain and the conditions associated with it.
The gravid theme in her work is the physical aspect of experiencing pain, followed by acquainted emotions such as fear, anxiety, guilt and uncertainty – a range of emotions that go hand in hand as a subtext; a psychological underlayer of physiological pain symptoms.
These emotions described are present rather in a form of emotional stagnation than anything else in Airas’ artwork.