I was born in Villach, Austria, and I currently reside in Madrid, Spain. My creative studies began in 2003 led to Sculpture as a Senior Technician in Fine Arts, Casting and Moulding. In 2005 I became involved into the magical world of Photography ending three years later as a Senior Technician in Fine Arts and Artistic Photography and with an MA Degree in Digital Fashion, Portrait and Advertising Photography. At the end of 2011, I began my studies in Design with a MA Degree in Graphic Design, Web Communication and specialization in Art Direction; trying to specialize later in the field of UX and UI Design. Currently I combine managing my own independent clothing brand called Obnubil with working as Senior Visual Designer at ¬°HOLA!, Hello! & H! Fashion Magazine.

My photographic work is mainly focused on fine art with a conceptual self-portrait thematic, fetish and landscape photography, the first and second being my most personal and preferred facet. My photography seeks to be sensual, dark but sophisticated. In short, it would be a mix between temptation and art. Photography shows more than a mere reproduction. A picture only captures a fragment, a split of a second. It may be multi-faceted and mysterious or appeal to our most direct instincts. And this is exactly what makes it fascinating.

I have participated in exhibitions around the world, including a participation at the Biennale Fotonoviembre together with artists like Dave McKean, an exhibition at the Long Night of Museums in Austria “ORF Lange Nacht der Museen” and a participation as round table member of the Digital Photography Meeting “Macaronesia”. I also participated in international charitable projects such as “Made for Japan” in 2011, all the profits were donated to the Japanese Red Cross for helping the victims of the earthquake/tsunami. A sponsorship by Datacolor (The World Leader in Color Innovation) is also worth mentioning.