May Heathen starts to develop an interest in visual expression from an early age, following in her mother’s footsteps. She grows up in an environment where being a girl is not something to be proud of and it imprints on to her internal visual world up to a point where artistic expression becomes the only sanctuary and safe haven. She discovers Salvador Dalì, Francisco Goya and Francis Bacon and becomes fascinated with the deviations of the human mind. At the center of her research gets carefully placed the female, androgynous sometimes but never male. As May grows so do her girls as they become her self portraits and means of communication with the outside world and her work can be viewed as an open diary for the viewer to read and interpret freely. She explores themes of love, sorrow, human interaction, self-awareness and motherhood, among others. As a self taught artist May explores various mediums and eventually chooses acrylics as her drug of choice, with occasional dab in to the oils. Her work is figurative with preference for portrait. She exhibits publically for the first time in 2008 in Berlin with the Infantellina Contemporary Gallery, soon following with her first solo show “Carnival 23” in her hometown Ljubljana, Slovenia, at the AKC Metelkova Mesto. She then moves her life and art practice to Italy where she goes on to successfully exhibit in various locations, Rome and Milan included. Her work has been published by Out Of Step Books through their Inspirational Art Books series.