Xiao Faria daCunha was born and raised in China and eventually came to the United States to chase her dream for art. She is currently based out of Kansas City, MO. Through her seven years in the States, she navigated through the ups and downs of life as someone with a multicultural background. The challenges she faced as a woman, a foreigner and a young artist channeled back into her creation and allowed to her continually progress on her path as an artist.
Xiao’s works are mostly watercolor and mixed media illustrations and were heavily influence taken from traditional Asian literature, theater and mythologies. She reinterprets classic lores, symbolisms and tales in order to make sense of the world and the happenings around her. Her works have been exhibited locally, regionally and nationally across the States.
Xiao is a writer, a researcher and a painter, at the same time an avid crafter. She is currently represented by Agora Gallery in New York City. She is also a resident at the PRPGMX residency in Mexico City. In the future, she wants to explore the realm of visual installation, printmaking and 3D art as she believes medium and discipline should not restrict an artist’s creation but rather aids an artist to manifest his or her philosophy and ideology.