Nandrysha is a creator of awe inspiring art using many mediums, residing in Bogota Colombia. Her masks have been used in collaboration with photographic artists, and some of those photos are now coming to life in the form of dolls through Nandrysha’s creative perfection

Artist Statement: My work as a plastic artist is developed around a constant sensitive exercise of transfiguration, which starts from the fascination I find for the nature of the being and its condition of human imperfection.
Each of my pieces is a process of individual transformation, a delirious decomposition that results from a thorough intervention, which is based on reconstruction techniques such as digital photomontage and other similar processes.

“I am interested in communicating personal reflections about feelings and conflicts as daily as passion, anguish, repression, melancholy and fear, which impels me to distort human faces and to intervene images with a degree of provocation to fear, to Rejection or fascination in each beholder, who are the ones who finally conclude their own aesthetic experience.”