My name is Kierstin Young and I am a painter currently residing in New Jersey. I grew up between two places; central new jersey and the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York. The profound nature in these mountains fostered my love of the outdoors, which has manifested itself in nearly all of my artwork.
I’ve always found my imagery hard to define, as it is a result of emotions and experiences that form pictures in my head, rather than stemming from concepts or conforming to a particular category. I have a deep love of psychology as well and I am compelled to intertwine aspects of the human psyche with elements of nature. I paint mostly figurative but, enjoy painting insects and landscapes as well. I work primarily with oils, however I am always experimenting with new combinations of materials.
My aspirations are not only to try and bring something unique to the table but, also something that will help people in connecting on a deeper level.